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More than just moving dirt

With our many years of experience and an eye for unique solutions, we continue to take on creative landscaping and gardening projects. Go ahead and let us help you maintain, improve and repurpose your outdoor living space to suit your individual ideas.



Please ask about our flexible 4hrs, daily, and weekly rates. 

* Prices are subject to change. Tax and other fees not shown in below price estimate. 

Photos of some of our most popular products

Rental Rates


Bed Edger Gas

$40.00/ 4hrs  $60.00/ Day


Brick / Paver Guillotine

$20.00/ 4hrs  $25.00/ Day


Chain Saw 14" Electric

$35.00/ 4hrs  $40.00/ Day


Landscape Rake 36"

$10.00/ 4hrs  $10.00/ Day


Post Hole Digger Manual

$10.00/ 4hrs  $10.00/ Day


Post Hole Digger Pry Bar

$10.00/ 4hrs  $10.00/ Day


Pruner Pole Saw Manual

$10.00/ 4hrs  $10.00/ Day


Sod Cutter 12" Manual

$20.00/ 4hrs  $30.00/ Day


Thatcher / Tiller Mini Gas

$30.00/ 4hrs  $45.00/ Day


Tiller Mid Tine 4hp Gas

$35.00/ 4hrs  $50.00/ Day



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